[OPEN] In search for Co-Founder

About Us

Tulie bakery is a new group that is just barely starting. It is in current need of a Co-Founder to help me out. Seems simple right?
Well, Its going to be a lot of hard work to put this group forward.

What I’m looking for

We need to find someone who can be professional and actually help with the group. You must be able to put work and pay for at least some things. I mean, if your committing you must put some effort in, right?

What we will offer

We offer a seating system, food and drinks - of course, friendly staff, etc. You also get half of the revenue.
I am open to new ideas that you have.

We currently are having a bakery built to get us up and actually running.

How to apply

Please notify me on devforum with your…

Discord User and Tag
About You
Why I should hire you
Why should I hire you over other applicants
Portfolio (Can be building, scripting, etc. Just something.)


Lastly, things that are required to apply for this position.

Must be 13 years and older


Friendly, Professional

Must have discord


Below I have listed the group, and how to contact me.



You can contact me here on devforum, which I am most active on (@lxstfuII)
Or on discord (hello.kitty#0361)


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