[OPEN] Intermediate Scripter

About Me

Hey, I’m Aensvey and I’ve been on ROBLOX for 5 years now and I love to script. I know programming languages such as Javascript, Python, HTML & CSS (if you count that) but best of all Lua. I’ve been scripting in Lua since this pandemic has begun back in January of 2020 and I’d consider myself being at an intermediate level. I’m an SCP fanatic and a history buff so I do generally feel more motivated on projects in those areas but I’m open to most everything.


This is my most recent project, a fully functioning gun (minus the Over-The-Shoulder aiming I was planning to do) I built within a few days. (After equipping you’ll need to press “F” to load the gun for the first round of a mag.

This other project doesn’t feature much, but I’ll still include it. (Make sure you find the weapon in the bathroom)


Currently I only work for Robux and a 10% down payment is required. (No percentages, sorry)


You can contact me on Discord (13+) at, Aensvey#2799
(mb I think I had a typo in my Discord name, it should work now…)