[OPEN] ISuperK’s Building Portfolio

Hi there! I’m ISuperK, I am currently 19 years old and have been on ROBLOX since 2010. I am a builder looking for work. I am very passionate about my work and it’s something I really enjoy to do on ROBLOX. I started building in 2017 Since then, I’ve grown so much and continue to grow each day learning new ways to build and create new assets for myself and other people to enjoy.


Commission Work
New World Nation


Credit to TrustMeImRussian

Mini Wars

Merlin Entertainments

Cardinal Rebirth


Personal Builds


My work Week is usually 5 Days a Week for 4-8 Hours.


My payment is fully negotiable. I currently accept ROBUX through Group Funds or T-Shirt Sales


Discord - ISuperK#1630
Or Contact me on the devfourm below


ISuperK is so reliable he gets his work done no questions asked its always 110% diffidently recommended great builds all around I don’t regret hiring!


here are some flaws

  1. try low poly
  2. practice blender
  3. show more of your work

7.9/10 portfolio not bad

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Hello, I 100% suggest @ISuperK, he is an amazing builder and works fast, Understand concepts and gets to the point. He is not an “overpriced builder” like some are, i found him fairly cheap for a price of 10k.

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You may want to mention that you quite heavily took inspiration on your cafe map from one of my old commissions I built. I’m flattered but…


Just friend requested you on Discord, add me back so we can chat.

Highly Recommend ISuperK!!
He is great to work with, very responsive and is super happy to make any revisions you need without complaints. Created a high quality result for my up-coming game Mini Wars.
Will definitely be hiring him again. :smiley:

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Great work, done efficiently, 10/10

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Commissions Are Now Open Once Again!

I would advise the same I see a few builds in here that are heavily inspired or straight up copies.

Now the fact that he built them all without actually taking them is quite nice but you should put who inspired you to make it.

Google was the inspiration no names were given off google nor off the players who told me to copy this image thank you for the comment tho

I highly recommend ISuperK to others for any building needs. He works very quickly and shows true dedication. Very skillful and efficient working! Definitely a good contact to have, and it’s a pleasure to work with him. Great prices and communication. I look forward to work with him more, and wish for others to do the same.


:thinking: he built that for my friend did he steal the idea