Hey! :sunny: I’m a digital artist named Kelz and I am currently looking to improve my art through commissions to turn this into a future career and to save up for a new PC as mine is currently 10+ years old. This post contains everything I offer and the costs accompanying it.

If you would like to order from me, please contact me on Discord kelz#3585 or Twitter @Kelziaax

Also if you think you’ve seen this post before, you probably have. My posts have been bugged so people cannot comment etc.


  • If you cancel an order and I have already started you will be charged with a cancellation fee

  • Prices may fluctuate here and there.

  • I may raise a commission price depending on the complexity of the commission

  • If you would like more examples please message me on the contacts I have given.

  • Please do not rush me, I have other commissions I may be doing.

:skull: PRICING!


:skull: Profile Picture

2000 R$ / $7

:skull: Social Media Banners

3500 R$ / $11

:skull: Profile Picture & Banner Bundle

*4000R$ / $14


:skull: Game Icon/Group Icon

*2800R$ / $9.80

:skull: Game Logo/Group Logo

*1250R$ / $4.30

:skull: Thumbnails

*4500R$ / $15.75

:skull: Advertisements/Badges/Gamepasses

free%20pet%20code zones%20unlocked

*1400R$ / $4.90

:skull: Game Starter Kit!

Game Logo, Game Icon,Thumbnail, 2 Ads/Gamepasses or Badges

*10,000R$ / $35


Why didn’t i find you earlier… this is pretty good!

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The prices are on point, and your art is really good i’ve seen them on your twitter keep. Up the good work Kelziaa!


I love love LOVE your art. Might be commissioning soon :eyes:


A portfolio automatically locks after 14 days/2 weeks from the last reply. To unlock it, contact a Lead Top Contributor.

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Nope. Those are either just posted in #public-collaboration or LTCs just lock them.


By no means am I trying to prove you wrong, you may be correct. Maybe this is old, but in portfolio posts they close after 14 days.

You may be right, I’m just pointing this out. :man_shrugging:

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Mine was never closed… I’m guessing it was just a bug.

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Posts in Public Recruitment close after 14 days. OP of that thread most likely posted to recruitment, which then an LTC moved it to Portfolios and then unlocked it.

Portfolios are non-locking, recruitments have a window.

This all aside, I like OP’s art. Not much more to comment on it, but I always fancy a digital artist. I’ve had an interest in drawing but never really sported the skill set for that; rendering is my only future hope in terms of graphics.


My portfolio was locked as soon as I posted it.

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OK, you might have originally posted it on #bulletin-board.

Thanks for pointing that out @colbert2677 @Krunnie

Also, that is very nice digital art. I wish you best of luck. :sunflower:


wow can you help me for icone and thumbnails to my new game “Hacking Simulator”


Very nice and well made work! I highly recommend her if you’re looking for fast/cheap art for your game or group!

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Nice Portfolio!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to include Thumbnails in your Starter package?

It’s mandatory to have a Thumbnail.

Most people might not take the package because it’s doesn’t cover their needs, you only need an Icon and Thumbnail for a game at launch, other stuff is most of the time extra.


Contact me to work out details!

Sorry! I must’ve forgot to add it, adding it now.

I added you, im maltoser#1499, would love doing business with you!

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Interested in commissioning, I have sent a message on twitter.

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Amazing work! :heart_eyes: Definitely worth purchasing!!

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High quality and worth the price.