(Open) Koussay35 ll 3d modeler and texture designer


About me

Hello everyone ! my name is koussay. i’m known as FrancklinDay and i’m 15 years old. i’m a 3d artist ! an experienced modeler and texture artist. and professional with guns modeling.

I came here on roblox as its one of my big dreams to be a big developer here. i got some advice from people to change to another game because my modeling style doesn’t fit simple/lowpoly games. but in my opinion i would like to build up a career starting from roblox !

I experienced modeling over 8 months now. and everyday i learn something new ! It takes me hours to make one asset but by the time i started working faster and faster.

But now. i think my level is great to start an actual development career ! and i would like to start from the beginning starting on roblox :smiley:

Previous works

I made works before. mostly are showcases. sprayer collection is a guns collection ive been working on to sell in the future ! its also an upcoming animation that i will start working on in the future whenever i get a better computer !.

New works

My rthro contest entries

Vehicles designs

This lambo is not done yet. but the model is pretty mush done.

Previous works

Low poly models

atm i have only one example


Due to some previous problems i faced when it comes to pricing. we will discuss about everything on discord !.

I now accept both paypal and robux ! i prefer paypal for now because i’m collecting to buy octane (an amazing render engine for multiple programs. i will be using it on cinema 4d) as it will help me alot in future projects i’m planning on !

But just a reminder. Please make sure that my pricing can go from cheap to super expensive depends on the details. and when i decide a price thats my final decision. maybe i would do discounts sometimes but please. make sure you know what you are paying for and the level of the work you want. modeling is not as simple as you look in the shapes of models. and customers should respect that

About triangles limits

Another important point. please make sure that you planned everything for your game before requesting me a work. you must know your triangles limits and plan for everything. i faced some customers that requests me pretty detailed stuff for a really low amount of triangles.

My work requires alot of triangles if you want it to be in the level of my showcases such as the sprayer one. and giving me a super detailed gun that needs atleast 7k triangles and requesting me a limit of 2k-3k is something unreal and near impossible to do.

Please plan for everything. planning an amount of triangles will result the style of your commission.

contact me on discord !: FrancklinDay#5208

About the rthro contest :

If you want to support my rthro entries. feel free to leave a like :smiley:


Awesome! Bookmarked.


Can confirm he is really good. Placed an order and he was really committed to it, and explained to me what different things meant.

The asset I wanted him to improve was not capable of being imported to Roblox, so I asked him if he could fix it, he replied instantly and delivered it again within minutes! I can strongly recommend Koussay35 if you need a great developer and someone who can meet your expectations and even exceed them.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, if I need anything in the future I will definitely hire you again!


no problem dude ! it was really great to work with you :smiley:

feel free to dm me again whenever you want. i’m still open atm :slight_smile:. if you also have some questions about modeling in general. feel free to ask me too !


I personally don’t need a 3d modeler/texture designer, but you’re extremely talented.

Do you use discord? I’d love to keep in touch with you just in case I need one - specifically for my dirt bike racing game that I might start back up.


Contact me whenever you want :slight_smile:



Awesome models! They almost look so realistic! Great work!


Thank you !


Any time.


just a quick update. since i only got 1 commission so far. i’m still accepting commissions !


Quick update !

I deleted my thread with the previous pricing. From now with the comissions i will get. i will try to calculate and decide some final prices !

Also i got some new examples !

my favorite one :slight_smile:


New update

I’m currently learning sculpting in weapons.so instead of focusing on making a texture that will make a model well made. i will be sculpting it adding some realistic and good looking texture. to make some really great results !

This is an example of my new work using this technique. it might be not good for roblox style. but i felt like adding it into my previous works :slight_smile:

(btw this is one of the m4a1 models from the game crossfire. they do some amazing guns sculpting)


Some nice and creative looking stuff, I can see you getting hired soon! :slight_smile:


ty :slight_smile:


a quick bump with a new work i recently made.

one of my best works so far :smiley:


That’s some amazing work! I will keep you in mind if I need anything. I’d love to see work from you in the future.



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if you read my twitter. i addressed that i remodeled the original guns from the game “crossfire”.

These models are from the game crossfire.



Amazing work! Sent you a friend request on discord!