[Open] Legenderox - Scripter Portfolio

About me
Howdy fellas! My name is Legenderox but you can just call me Brain(Actually my name don’t judge). I am 15 years old and I am from Norway, a small cuntry up north. I joined Roblox in early 2016 and I’ve been scripting on roblox in just over a year now. Im a pretty competent scripter but most of my scripting experience comes from other platforms so I still have alot to learn when it comes to Roblox. Right now Im looking for work so I can earn some money to fund my uppcoming personal projects but I also want to meet and work with new people. Scripting really is a hobby of mine and I still struggle everyday to improve.

What im competent at
Keep in mind that building, and gui design really isn’t my specialty. Many of the models are also borrowed but the animations are mine.

During The summer break I can work up to 5 hours every day, but this may wary a little bit through out the summer.

Prices do wary alot and it all depends on the systems’s complexity and time needed to write the script.
A rough estimate would be something like 1k - 10k robux but this might not be so accurate and futher negotiation is needed.

I am also willing to take a revenue percentage instead if it’s a longer term project in which I’m interested and is likely to succeed. I accept both robux through group funds and payment via real money (like paypal). My preffered method is paypal though because of the low transaction fees.

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via:
Discord - Legenderox#2954

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:


It explicitly says rum in the text.

Im sorry but Rum is a alcoholic.

“All rum is alcoholic by definition. Some rum flavors added to various foods are not actual rum.”

Rum is an alcohol. Alcoholics are people with an addiction to alcohol. Alcoholics aren’t prohibited by Roblox, since they wouldn’t discriminate against a group of people in that manner. Content involving alcohol however, is prohibited by the terms of use.


You beat me to it.

Otherwise, great work @Legenderox! Good luck on getting commissions!

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Sorry for that i am not that good at english.

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Your examples look great, and quite impressive for someone who joined Roblox 3 years ago.

When I read the payment section, I was surprised because uhh… the sentences there are taken from my portfolio except for the last part about PayPal :sweat_smile:. I have no problem with you using my portfolio as a template but would you mind rewording it? (it just feels weird)

But overall, those are pretty nice examples!

Haha I can’t belive you actually found me. Wow my english is not really the best so I tried to find templates. Im sorry I just got really lazy right there I will fix it right away.

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Oh wow I didn’t know that. This was just some practice work and I don’t think I am gonna publish it anytime soon but still thanks for letting me know. Maybe I will rename it to coke or something :sweat_smile: