[OPEN] Littlepinkypiggy's Graphics Portfolio

Hello! I am Littlepinkypiggy/Struc1dity, a professional graphics artist who specializes in 3D art and design. All assets/renders used in my artwork are all original and are all created by myself, I use C4D, Blender, and Adobe Photoshop. I am excited to provide you my services, looking forward to working with you!


Please only order from me if you are serious and are needing of a graphic, cooperation of the client will be crucial for me to provide you with my best work.

  • You must have enough funds in your reserve in order to commission me.
  • Do not rush me in any way. Keep in mind that I work around my schedule, not yours.
  • Provide details of your graphic such as character, character add-ons, color scheme, text, reference graphic
  • Once I finish, I will send you a previewed version with degraded quality and a watermark, you will make the transaction and I will send you the final.
    When commissioning me, you agree to all my terms listed above.


Logos & Icons



Style 2 (Clothing ad)


My timezone is CST (Central time), I am pretty much available throughout business days, but I tend to be moderately busy on weekends. I will try my best to reply to you ASAP.


I accept both Robux and USD payments.
If you are paying by Robux, you will either have to group payout, or buy a T-shirt from my group. If you are paying by T-shirt, ROBLOX takes 30% so therefore, there will be a fee.


  • Icons/logo | 250R

  • Thumbnails | 350R

  • Advertisements | 200R

  • Matching set (Icon/logo + Thumbnail)
    Originally 600R, discounted to 500R

  • 5+ Graphics of any kind
    100R subtracted from the total, we will discuss the final price as it is not a solid number.


I rarely check my friend requests and I have many to look through if I do.

Join my commissions server | CXDkhd8 (Join to order)
Youtube | struc1dity
Twitter | @struc1dityy

Thank you for your time! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/inquiries, looking forward to working with you.


Vouch. Not only is struc1dity’s graphics of great quality, her work is meticulous and efficient. Would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of graphics for their group.


Raise your prices. These make the hair on my ears stand STRAIGHT up!


She’s really good, I’ve gotten multiple orders done from her. :heart:


I appreciate the feedback, thank you! <3

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Extremely happy that I ordered from struc1dity, not only are they probably the best homestore/clothing GFX artist out there, but the prices are extremely affordable in comparison to the amazing quality. Selling a 2k R$ value for 350 in my opinion. Also I thought my order would be a while because there were people ahead of me in line, but they actually got done quite fast (within a matter of days)!

Overall, 22367027/10 will definitely come back for more!!


struc1dity provides possibly the highest quality I have seen in GFX’s so far! She blew my mind away and went beyond my expectations. I only expected her to do one style, but she did one with and without shadows. The result was amazing and better than I could’ve asked for. I recommend struc1dity to anyone in need of beautiful, and graphically mind-blowing logos, etc. I would come back again and again.

I give her an ∞/10

: ) Thanks again, struc1dity!


Though struc1dity’s graphics are quality for the price they’re at, I do think that it should be mentioned that in a package the same render will be used BEFORE ordering. I had brought up a legitimate concern and was given excuses in place of an attempt towards an understanding. I was not aware that so little care would be taken into consideration for a separate advert gfx. Please state that, in packages, discounts are not due to willingness to buy in volume, but because the same graphic is being used. If I had known it would be the thumbnail cropped, I would have cropped it myself.


I apologize for your inconvenience, but I’d like to clarify that the same graphic is not used, nor do I crop graphics. Your graphics appear similar because they were a matching set which I provide a discount for, I use the same render in sets as well as the same editing but that process is done again by hand for each graphic you order. I charge 50r for a render, so the discount price is proportional for using the same render. If you’d like a refund, DM me.