(OPEN) LonelyAuthority| Game Builder

Salutations, I am Ryan and I’m a 15 year old high school guy who is interested in many fields of work. I have many experiences to fit those fields. If you are interested in hiring me, please use my email in the Contacts List!

I am mainly a builder of course and I can mostly fulfill your needs! I will be listing below some of my work as well as a recommendation that I’ve earned through my work with a Hotel Group with a very kind Chairman , Jom270.



That’s all my work I’ve actually pictured! Upon request via contacting me I can show possibly 1 - 2 more tomorrow. 1/27/2020!

Recommendation: Okay so funny story I don’t have that screenshot anymore because one I lost contact with the Chairman and 2 I don’t have Gyazo Pro so I can’t access it. So sorry!

Discord: ArnoSmets19#8233
Hidden Developers Discord: LonelyAuthority
Email: ryanbuildsbusiness@gmail.com

This is a pretty poor Portfolio but it’s my first one on the DevForum so expect updates to this as well as better content!

Note: Showcased work here is not for sale but maybe in the future. I make assets with a reasonable price and for every and any group! Just follow my Contact List.