[OPEN] Looking for 3D Modeler (must be able to texture.)

Warning, I can will only pay in robux through group payout so if you work with other currencies I am sorry.

The Job
I am looking for a very experienced 3D modeler who has worked with weapons, cosmetics, and characters; specifically things like R15 and hats. (High poly is okay, but medium-low poly is preferred. Must be smooth and clean)

What is expected
You’d be making things like knives and swords, custom R15 character and I will provide character scaling for each but you must be able to work with their individual types. I will provide images for you or types of weapons, but the overall look and design/texture is up to you. I am not looking for high-poly items nor extreme texturing.

I ask that you provide examples of your work and your individual pricing that you expect and we can come to an agreement based off everything. Each model and type will vary in complexity. There is a due date for all the items, which is a two week work time for everything.

As-per payment procedure, I will ask to see the item and showcased in-game and upon delivery you shall receive payment. As previously stated, pricing will be discussed between us individually and on a per-model bases, and payment is per mesh.

Applicants must be 13 or older.
If you have any questions about anything at all, please feel free to ask away.

This can be a long-term thing, just depends on availability and requirements overall, nothing is guaranteed right now in this specific case. (yes payment and everything is guaranteed, just not a long term job situation)

I currently am only using the Devforum for all of this, but if we absolutely need an alternative we’ll work something out.

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With texture you mean that we just need to make more colors in a mesh or we need to make a “skin”?

The best way I can put it, as a Roblox hat and how its textured. So a sword would need to be textured overall and not one big blank canvas.

I mean if we have to make cool textures or you just need more colors like in a tree mesh we just make the trunk brown and the leaf green without making professional textures

For the specific items I’m looking for at the moment, shouldn’t really need to use roblox’s materials. They should be custom textures for the meshes. Although, for something like a tree using roblox’s wood is 100% acceptable.

in-game and upon delivery you shall receive payment.

Can you give a average?

It’s completely up for discussion, specifically why I didn’t state a number. Each person values their work different and delivers different types of talent.

I’ve private messaged you to inquire more information.

Slight necro-bump, as this position is still available. (Payment is to be discussed before each individual commission, and will range as will complexity of the item. As stated everything will be in Robux, and the actual payment will be negotiated starting off your requested payment.)

I am interested

Some of the examples:



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