[Open] Looking for a 3D Modeler, can be long-term position

About Us

I’m making a game called Hero Havoc for my spring 2019 accelerator project. It is a character collector game that has gameplay reminiscent of old school clicker Roblox RPGs. The response to it has been amazing, it is currently on the Top Rated sort with a 94% like:dislike ratio. I’m the project lead and sole programmer for the project.

About The Job

I’m looking for a person who can make mobs for us. We have a bunch of different artists making concept art for things they would love to see in game. It would be your job to convert the concept art into a 3D model that players will be able to fight and recruit as an ally. This can be a long term position if you desire.

We have about 10+ concept art for mobs, and more can be created every week. What I like doing is having the modeler choose which ones they would want to make. Here’s some example of concept arts that people have created for me.

You can use either meshes or unions. If you model using meshes, please no UV mapping. There are palette swaps for mobs in the game, and I like using BrickColor to change the mobs color.

An example of a built model


I am most comfortable paying with Paypal. This is commission work, so I will be paying per model. I am very flexible with prices, if you state a price, we can negotiate from there.

Contact Us

Please contact me via DevForum DM. If you’re in the main DevForum discord, you can DM me at wish#0404.

Please include relevant pieces of past work


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