[OPEN] Looking for a professional scripter

Hello everyone! I’m a beginner at scripting and I have been experimenting with LUA for a good while now. I’m creating a round based horror game similar to the style of Granny, Piggy and Bakon as a first game. I can show you the progress so far on Discord.

About The Job
I’m looking for a professional scripter who is willing to help in the creation of the game. The scripter will be needed to help in the creation of the full game. When contacting me, please come with a portfolio and a price. Examples of the work that will be needed: Round-Based system, Shop system, Objectives system and more.

For the payment, I prefer PayPal as a method rather than Robux. I don’t mind percentages and we will talk about some sort of compensation if the project fails. After contacting me, please decide a preferred way of payment and an estimate price/percentage.

Contact me through Discord: MadBoxers#1265.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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