[OPEN] Looking For A Scripter // Invasion RPG


About Me

Hello! :wave: I am TumbleElf!
I love Roblox and the Studio and I really like making maps. I am a Flamingo/Albert fan. So my sense of humour may lack of logic some times. I joke around a lot. I can be serious when I need too though… maybe. I don’t just play Roblox, I also play games like Apex Legends, and Overwatch.

Open Roles

TumbleElf (Me) - Designer and Builder
RealMicc281YT - GUI Scripter/Creator
OPEN - Gameplay Scripter

Why Should you work with me?

I love building models and maps! Here is 1 example of a detailed old wooden shack I made. The back of the house was crushed by a rock that fell (rolled down the hill lol)

The House

About The Job

The game is an RPG game. It is set in the future but it still hold the same “magic” and “fantasy” elements as a normal RPG. There are also bits of future elemements in there, for example guns are in the game, as well as aliens.
Me and RealMicc281YT have created the first bit of the game, but we haven’t done any combat stuff yet. We only have some basic things lol…
I need a scripter that can make combat and effects, as well as other complex-ish tasks that I can’t figure out…

Example of our game's build style



We are sharing income. If you are a REALLY good scripter I can increase your percentage income for a bit lol. Im kinda open to payment, but you will be part of our team when applying.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord: TumbleElf#5315

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Let me know if you need a GFX Designer.


Be more descriptive, what do you need to be scripted because im kind of interested

I need some combat scripts to be made.
For example scripts for weapons. ( spells, swords and bows )
I also need AI stuff made for enemies.

If you are still interested, friend me on discord and I can tell you more about it then :slight_smile:

I have sent you a friend request on Discord! We would love to have a GFX artist on our team!

We can talk more on discord!

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