[OPEN] Looking for a scripter to join a development team

Hey my name’s Otto, I currently lead a small development team of 6 people. We have Modellers,Builders,Graphic Designers and a UI/UX developer. We’re looking for a knowledgable scripter to join our ever growing team.

For previous referances of our work check out a previous group we created, due to circumstances we released it however it has some wonderful creations and showcases our ability to create mature projects. https://www.roblox.com/groups/5230344/Kingdom-of-England-1300s#!/about

If anyone believes they could take on a scripting position in our team don’t hesitate to leave a post down below with a discord.

Do they get paid? You did not mention anything about the payments.


Mhm we can arrange either robux payouts or percentage, I hope that my referance for previous work and “success” if you like would make people more assured of the potential of my team’s work.

What kinds of work would the scripter undertake?

It look so like a mid evil group, but @OttoVonWulfmann what does the scripter need to achieve
Check out their game to see like the skills you would probably need https://www.roblox.com/games/4219077320/XMAS-UPDATE-Kenilworth-1304

@OttoVonWulfmann I am decently interested in this position, my discord is kingerman88#4735 if you want to DM me with some more information, that would be appreciated!

I’m interested add me on discord. Tolu000#2466 is my username. I can also provide you with some of my previous works.

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