[OPEN] Looking for a serious game partner

Hello, I’m Silent and I’m a scripter. Learning Lua since August of 2018. I’m currently in need of a serious and dedicated game partner, who is a builder and is mature, fast and serious.Please step a side if lazy, slow or unprofessional.


The game will be adventure and puzzle based, and basically a room type game where you find “keys” to unlock other rooms and from there, we can get some ideas on what to do next on DMS. To keep the Project organized and simple, we’ll be making an Trello and from there, inputting stuff ( needed to develop ). The builder can decide what to he/she will buildwhile I’ll be working on the scripts and the UI.

Obviously, all of this can’t be discussed here but we’ll go on more depths in DM’s.


Overall this part will be discussed in DM, you’ll receive 40-50% of the game’s earning.

Discord: SilentsReplacement#3362


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