[Open] Looking For a Star Wars Map Maker

About Us

I represent The New Grand Clone Army. We are a Clone Wars era Star Wars group. We are currently working on relaunching our group and are working on getting original assets for our games.

About The Job

We are looking to hire a map-maker/builder to make a (Clone Wars era) map on Felucia with a base. I don’t need any scripting done, but it needs to be set up so that I may add scripting when done. The map will need three control point areas, a base for the enemy with a rally room, and a base for the clones with a rally room, a spawn room, 4 meeting rooms, an officer room, an office for the chancellor, a wall/gate around the base, and a small prison. The price is negotiable.


I have no specific amount that I’ll pay, so I’ll just refer to whatever your rate is. I’ll only pay in robux.

Contact Us

Contact me by sending me a message here on the dev forum, and then I can redirect you to my discord.

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