[OPEN] Looking for a team to help me recreate BOX HEADS!

About Us

Hey! I’m 3DShortage and would really love some help recreating one of my favorite childhood games called “BoxHeads” In this 2nd person shooter game, you will have to survive multiple waves of zombies while also building up enough credits to purchase stronger weapons. [200 credits per Zombie] After every 5 rounds, A “Devil” will appear and attempt to kill you, the more waves you pass the more devils there will be. [600 credits per Devil].

To start off, there will be 5 weapons, 10 waves, and 2 maps. [Maps are lowkey pretty small]

@3DShortage - Environment Design
@seith14 - Scripter
@flxidz & @MoeDono - UI, GFX Artist
@kagtheconqueror - Character Animation/Rigging

About The Job

As the scripter in the project, you will be held accountable for all bugs found in-game, you will be creating the scoreboard, In-game functions, Level system, Weapon system, GUI’s, Etc.

As the UI Designer, you will be creating all UI needed in the game, I would like for them to be made using Photoshop but if you’re able to make high-quality UI using any other program that’s fine by me.

As for character and weapons animator, you will be creating the animations for characters and weapons in the game.

As Environmental Designer, I will be making the maps and all assets for the game.




I will be expecting at least 1 - 2 hours of work 4 days out of the week.


I’m paying scripter $70 USD but can also pay Robux if needed.
UI Designer will be paid $2 - 5 USD per Design.
Animations will be $8 USD per Character Animation and Weapons Anim.

Contact me

You can contact me here or on discord CarvedWGL#9305
[You don’t have to add me on discord, just jump into me DMs.]
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello! I was just wondering if the game’s blood will be reduced for Roblox as many games have been termporarly banned like Runker 51 for the amount of blood in it.

Good luck still!


There won’t be too much, thanks anyways for the heads up :slight_smile:

I have some experience with Gui

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Yoo BoxHeads was fun, yeah it’s the blood issue that hopefully won’t be aa problem, I’m interested to help modeling the guns though! EddieTheEgg#9961

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