[OPEN] Looking for an Artist for a Roleplay Project

About Me

Hello! My name is Andres (Ponchokings in Roblox) I’m a 21 years old Mexican, I’ve been playing in Roblox for 10 years and started learning Roblox Lua about 6 years ago. I’m looking for someone that wants to work with me in a Big Roleplaying Game. I once made a Roleplaying Game called “Wild West - Roleplaying Game” that got first spot in the Popular Category. But I couldn’t handle the popularity because I didn’t know much of what I do now.

The Team
@Ponchokings - Lead Developer / Programmer
@username - Builder / UI Designer / Modeler

There is no progress yet, as soon as I find someone we will start the planning phase, sharing ideas and taking all the important factors into consideration to avoid limiting ourselves in the future.

About The Job

I’m looking for a professional Artist that is capable of Building, Modeling and UI Designing. Experience with Thumbnails/Icons/Ads would also be a plus but I can also help with that, so it’s not mandatory. I’m capable of everything said before so I’ll collaborate in that side too if needed.

The game building style will be Low Poly more details about the Genre and Concept will be given after the person is found.

Most popular games in Roblox are Roleplaying games, I believe if we find a good concept together with some original ideas and professional development we can have a high opportunity of success.


This is a Collaboration, so there would be no actual payment until after we launch the game for the first time (if we are lucky). The idea is to get an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as soon as possible so we can start getting feedback, selling Developer Products and Gamepasses. Everything we get from the game would be split 60% (Programmer), 40% (Artist) in Robux through Group Funds, probably Monthly after the first launch.

Contact Me

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ponchokings3
Discord: @Ponchokings#4403

You must be 18 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Hello, My dude!
Well as me I would love to help in this wonderful project :smile:

  • Well for further work, I am very mature while doing my work and stuff, you can always DM me on my discord if you can give me this opportunity, thank you!
    I am very new to the DevForum so this will be my first reply of the day! :smiley:

I would like to help in this great project
I’m giving you a message on twitter

Hello! I don’t have your discord, would you mind DMing me?

Sure! and3w / thegamerplane#0007

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