[OPEN] Looking for Animators to Create R15 Character Animations

About The Animations

I’m looking for animators that have experience with R15. The game that I’m making requires a few animations at the moment:

  • Tree chopping animation
  • Kneel down to fill up a bucket in a pond
  • Jumping 360° spin
  • Thinking (hand under chin)

Some more animations will be needed in the future and I’ll contact you in the future if you’re interested in creating more animations.


I can pay 50% up-front once you show that you’ve started progress on the animation. The price is also determined by you (message me or reply with your price) and I reserve the right to negotiate. I have funds to pay you so if you’re interested, contact me.


You can contact me on the dev forum,Twitter, or Roblox messages. Please provide some videos of animations that you’ve created too.

hey uh i would but i dont rly have videos since i have no admin access on my computer on roblox studio roblox and a few other apps sorry lol

I’m interested 30charssssssssssss

Dm me in Twitter @Young5550082796

Dm me on Twitter @ Unbroken_Abyss or on discord under ㄥ丨ㄥㄥㄚ#8949

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