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Meridian Studios Developer Recruitment

About us

Meridian Studios (“We/Us/Our”) is a relatively large game development team working on an even larger game! We’re looking for anyone who is willing to join our team and work with us on our project, Expanse!

Expanse is a large MMO similar to that of Tradelands, but on a MUCH larger scale where you can travel across space with the freedom of choosing what you want to do next, loaded with solar systems, stations, planets, wrecks, asteroid fields, and so much more. Expanse plays on an unprecedented scale, covering massive sectors of open space where the player can freely interact with the universe and create a proper character accordingly, limited only by the ROBLOX platform’s boundaries.The player may explore, mine, trade, raid and manufacture without any constriction; furthermore, all these activities are possible thanks to the wide variety of ships available, from minimal vessels to thousand-meter capitals. This, we believe, is the foundation of raw, sandbox open-world gaming

The Team

Our team consists of 21 people currently. However, our goals and future plans require a much broader and more diverse team!

@AlexiRyaov - Owner/Modeler Lead
@Oseday - Programmer Lead
@DoubleDog_DareMe - Art Lead
@AlexanderKotevski - Gameplay Lead
@ZiggiousZaggious - Artist
@ChippChirp - Artist
@Bloodbjorne - Modeler
@dr_deathX56 - Modeler
@AejeongKiyo - Modeler
@Galvarino - Modeler
@Animula_RBX - Musician
@INVAREX - Musician
@ShoesForClues - UI programmer
@Symmakhia - Writer

And multiple interns to help manage the server and game development as well.

Looking for

  • Modeler/Builder
    Participate in Meridian Team progress
    Participate in Build Team progress
    Work on solo projects that fit the style, content requirements, and needs of Expanse, or Meridian Studios.

Here's some examples of what we'd need more of, from Skirmisher


If you want to check out more examples of in game work, visit the game here:


  • Must be 13 years or older
  • Must have a portfolio ready for us to view
  • Must have passion for this project and be a diligent worker
  • Work will be done SOLO and you’ll be given work as you go, must be flexible with this


Work will be based through an internship period of where we familiarize with your style and work and see if it fits with our content. After that, a hiring process will be put in place where we will speak more on the details of individual pay.

Contact Us

You can contact us through our Discord, Roblox, or Twitter

Twitter - https://twitter.com/MeridianStudios
Discord - Meridian Community Discord
Roblox - Meridian Studios - Roblox


I’m a builder but I don’t know if my work is good enough.

I sent you a message on DevForum.

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