(open) looking for clothing designers for halloween!

Hello, I’m JustMiaHere! (You can call me Mia.)
I’m the owner to an orange themed clothing group known as: Touch Of Orange.
And since its Halloween next month, I want a jump start into Halloween themed clothing!
my group IS orange themed after all!

I’m looking for long-term designers, even after Halloween! Also, yes. I take ALL sorts of clothing from: aesthetic, to furry, to goth, to kawaii! as LONG as it’s ORANGE and Original.

You MUST have DISCORD. My discord is: Mia#8224
You also must also join: Touch Of Orange
I ONLY PAY VIA GROUP FUNDS! so you’ll have to wait 2 weeks for payment.
So, you can either design for me before 2 weeks, or after 2 weeks.

Thank you for reading, have an ORANGEtastic day! :DD


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