(OPEN) Looking for developers for a DEV Team!

About Us

Hello, my name is eric and im 15 years old. I have been on roblox since 2016 and always wanted to create games that would get popular and big! I’m acting as a Manager of the Team and trying to keep everything how it is supposed to be. I’m looking for people that are not here for just the money and don’t give a F about the community/game. Right now, I have a couple of Ideas in my head which I would love to create and I need developers that are ready to take that idea and make a finished game out of it.

The Team
N/A - Builder/Enviromental Design
N/A - Scripter
N/A - User Interface Designer


About The Job

Every Member of the Team has to be atleast 13 years old. I am looking for developers that understand my idea and can create their vision of the game in their head… Every member has to understand english and has to go in voice calls and communicate with the other members, because without communication its just going to be a big mess.

Especially important to me, is a good scripter. You should be able to script a TPS gun “system”, Intermission, Data Saves, and more… You would also get paid the most if you do your job good!

Us as a team should work together, a builder has to talk to the scripter, and a scripter to the UI designer etc…

I hope we could create games in the popularity of Murder Mystery 2, Epic Minigames, etc…

If you didn’t realise already, im not looking for beginners, im taking this serious and trying to create a recognised game studio!


You will be paid in robux, you get paid with the robux the games are earning, I’m not scamming you, If the game flops, I will pay you in form of a One Time Payout of my own money.

Contact Us

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum
Also you can contact me on discord Action Jackson#4227 (Expect way faster responses on discord)

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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