[OPEN] Looking for developers for a SCPF GOI (Builders, Scripter, UI, and more!)

About Us

Greetings! My username is @wolfman8071 and I am the owner of the Unusual Incidents Unit- a small, but growing group of interest in the SCP genre. We are currently working on producing a site for our members to operate on. As of this time, our current site works but we are also looking to improve a lot of existing features and revamp the entire game. And for that, we need developers of all different specialties!

Work Needed:

This list has updated since some of the previous projects have been filled. If you previously contacted me about work and I have not responded to you, please DM me again, as I might have missed you.

  • 3D models for our SCPs (models do not need to be scripted).
  • Hallway/room designs, door designs (a bulkhead and small, normal hinge door), other features soon to be decided upon.
  • Various scripters for our SCP models, doors, and for new features we have planned (from things as small as rioting events to inter-dimensional portal-hopping, to site-wide floods).

If you play the game currently, you will find that a lot of the features above are already in-game. As stated before, we are looking to revamp the game, so the assets currently in place will be replaced with new additions!

You can see our progress so far here: https://www.roblox.com/games/4986095356/RSF-UPSILON-18-ALPHA?refPageId=06675c0f-e236-42fd-b112-a1a4c14e5f2e#!/about

A Bit More About The Work

We offer all developers the opportunity to either join our development team and provide consistent work for consistent payment or you may choose to remain a contracted developer, in which we will provide you with a contract you may read and agree to (if you complete your contract, you may still choose to join our development team).

If you decide to join our development team, you will be sorted into a team for your chosen skill (scripting, building, UI, etc) and you will work alongside myself and the other current members on various projects. Contracted developers will still work with the rest of the team, but only for their project. If you prefer working on your own, you may also do so. All work will be inspected for quality and the like thereof.


Yes, the most important part. This is usually when people say “muh I have 2 dollars”. Not this time! We offer payment via a case-by-case basis in either Robux (group funds, specifically) or USD (via Paypal or Venmo). Depending on what work you are interested in, the price will vary- however, we currently have a starting budget of about 4,000 Robux in group funds (Robux payments are mostly for the smaller projects) and up to 50 or so USD for the larger projects.

However, I am very willing to negotiate on a case-by-case basis and increase payment based on certain factors (quality, time, etc). Additionally, I am earning more funds as I work regularly, so the budget will increase as time goes on.

We offer a down-payment option for developers who provide an outstanding portfolio- that way, you can feel confident you’ll be paid for your time and effort! (Half the payment up front, half after for those who are unaware).

Sounds great, but where do I apply?

You may contact me, @wolfman8071 here on the DevForum or, alternatively, you may contact me via Discord (ɍøŧŧɨnǥ_ᵽᵾnꝁ#5799). Please note that you will need to send me a friend request first in order to message me.

The following are required in order to apply:

  • You must read and agree to the contract provided to you once you message me.
  • You must submit past work completed. The more the merrier!
  • You must possess decent communication and teamwork skills.
  • You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you very much for reading! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have! I will respond to all inquires as soon as I can. Happy developing!


I can’t send you friend request,you have it deactivated, send me one in Brau_pro#6429

Hey! I sent you a friend request on discord, hope to get into contact soon. :sunglasses:

i sent u friend request) i hope we will can work together))

I sent you a frend request, hope to speak soon!

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