[OPEN] Looking for developers for upcoming sci-fi shooter | Closing today!

Fusioned Studios

About Us

Greetings! Fusioned Studios is a game development team founded by @Kahoot_Looser and I. We are looking to recruit a UI designer, an animator, a low-poly builder, and a SFX artist for Gladiator Royale, a sci-fi shooter. As we get closer to the game’s release, we will be open to hiring translators.

The Team

@[redacted] - Programmer and Project Manager
@UnSilentMutiny - 3D Modeler
@CouldBeYou - UI designer
@CouldBeYou - animator
@CouldBeYou - low-poly builder
@CouldBeYou - SFX Artist

The Game

Gladiator Royale is a sci-fi third-person shooter game available on both mobile and PC. In a world where science and progress have not led to all people’s happiness, players serve as fighters in a variety of modes, such as Team Death Match, Free For All, and several more. Players are their very own futuristic gladiators, at liberty to choose their weapons, armor, equipment, clothing, titles, and much more.

Combat clip from the game (unfinished, of course):


Combat demo:

About the Job

UI Designer


The UI Designer must be capable of creating sci-fi themed interfaces for when a player is browsing the shop, looking at the menu, actually in the round, etc.

(made by plasma_node)



The animator must be able to animate player movement such as walking, sprinting, crouching while the player holds a weapon. In addition, the animator must be capable of animating certain specialty movements, based on certain equipment that the player has; examples: throwing a grenade, using a jetpack, etc.

2018 03 15 15 07 33 - YouTube
(made by XAXA)



The builder must be able to create low-poly sci-fi structures and infrastructure. The builder must have the experience to effectively design both the interior and exterior of their buildings.

(this is from Unity, but, nonetheless, it paints a picture of the low-poly building style)

SFX Artist


The SFX artist must be able to produce sci-fi themed sounds for bullet/plasma shots, menu actions (e.g. clicking a button), and other in-round occurrences.


  1. 13+ years old
  2. Able to provide a portfolio
  3. Able to meet on a weekly basis to discuss progress/tasks/hangups
  4. Able to commit to a long-term project
  5. Does not engage in toxic behavior
  6. Able to work in a team effectively


3D Modeler - 20% (until 30,000 robux at minimum)

Builder - 20% (until 25,000 robux at minimum)

UI designer - 20% (until 25,000 robux at minimum)

Animator - 15% (until 20,000 robux at minimum)

SFX Artist - 10% (until 10,000 robux at minimum)

15% buffer for bonuses and future advertisement

Backup payment will be 3k robux split among the devs (except for the programmer and 3D modeler) according to the percentages. I will not receive payment until every dev reaches their minimum amount payment.


Discord: [redacted]#8336
Roblox: [redacted]
Group Link: Fusioned Studios - Roblox
We will let applicants know if we’d like to extend an offer by 5 PM EST on Sunday!

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to DM me or post them down below. :slight_smile:


Hello, How are you? I’m interested. My name discord is Grenouille # 0604 . I’m here for post Building.


Hey, thanks for the response! I’ll add you on Discord right now.

I’m a translator when you need me you can message me

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Will do! What language do you specialize in?

this game has so much potential, maybe you can take it to the next level and make it like warfare. By the way I added you, please respond

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