[OPEN] Looking for developers to help create Legend of the Eldritch


Hello everybody!

My name’s Peter (aka. SlopranoDark, SolidBlocks and now ShapeDemBricks)
I’ve been playing games on Roblox since 2009 and got into development some years after that. I own the development group UniDev on Roblox, which is meant to have released Legend of the Eldritch (previously known as Empire of Omaegar) about 1 year ago. This never happened as I was pretty much a mess in denying people, so at one point it became a large group of 16 people all doing not so much.

About the game

Legend of the Eldritch is meant to be a massive roleplaying game (incl. things such as large-scale customization, exploration, passive quests and much, much more!) as base. The game is settled in the medieval era with a twist of fantasy!

Torn page from the 'Eldritch Book of Origin'

In the vast reaches of the cosmos, an age-old conflict between beings of pure magical energy known as the Celestials, and creatures of the darkness and void known as Infernals rages on, these beings locked in constant and violent war amongst a field of desolate stars and galaxies. While the battle between the Celestials and Infernals existed throughout the cosmos, the main battle took place between two incredibly powerful beings from either side: Hadramiel, a blessed Celestial born from the purest form of magical energies and one with creation, and Valtezahl, an Infernal ripped from the darkest corners of the void, comprised of raw and corrupt magical energy. These two incredibly powerful beings acted as the spearheads of each side, and the two inevitably clashed in a whirlwind of destruction and chaos. Amidst their battle, the two destroyed countless stretches of space, stopping their battle at nothing to destroy each other. The beings got their wish, and amidst the chaos they struck each other down, both beings smashing to pieces, scattering across the cosmos in a brilliant explosion of raw energy … Read more!

In case you’re interested, DM me for more information. I’d gladly share more! :slight_smile:

Any progress?

You can view some of the stuff I modelled and stuff made together with my (prior) co-workers for the project here. There’s more on my and UniDev’s Twitters! (Links in the footer)
You can also use our public Content Tracker to follow the progress! While this doesn’t contain images to visualize, it does show where we are in terms of percentages.

Though most of all progression is shown in our Discord, so make sure to join that!

We’ve got a full Roadmap, partial Game Mechanics and other documents like that. But those I will share when you’ve joined the project. :smiley:

So what exactly are you looking for?

If you’re dedicated, enthusiastic, pretty much expert in your skills, able to spend enough time on the project and able to work independently when I’m not present, please have a look through the list below and pick whatever suits you best. We could use an expert scripter the most right now!

  • 1x Map & Prop Builder;
    (As map & prop builder you’re advanced in the technique of creating meshed props and environment. You know at least the basics of architecture and you’re very creative & detailed in your models.)
    - 1x Scripter;
    (As scripter you’re expert in creating functionality; you know what you’re doing and understand the way other scripter(s) wrote their code.)


I decided to explain what you’d be doing if you were to join us for each profession. :slight_smile:
In case you have any questions, feel free to let me know!


Important Task Highlights

People who join our team as scripter will be creating functionality in the game.
Here are some important highlights:

  1. The majority of the work is invested in the in-depth Customization as this should be the core mechanic that stands out. This includes but is not limited to:
    - Character Body Features; (e.g Gender, Race, Height, Width, Skincolor, Eye Type & Color, Hair Type & Color etc.)
    - Loadout; (e.g Armoury, Armour Patterns, Color & Material, Weaponry, Weapon Decals, Color & Material Accessories, etc.)
    And more.
  2. Then another big role would be lighting & weather. I intended this game to be on the edge of realism within Roblox, hence I wish the weather and lighting to be as realistic as possible.
    Day and night cycle and the trigger for certain weather and triggers for other effects should be arranged on the server while each client visualizes everything. All the lighting & weather data should be synchronized across all clients, even when there’s weather in progress and somebody just joined the game!
  3. Another important thing would be region related things. Since the map’s big, the game should probably be split into multiple places meaning that there’d be teleporting between places. There should be fast travelling through ‘Waypoints’. Next to that, there should be ‘Points of Interest’ which tell a bit more about the world’s origin within Legend of the Eldritch!
  4. Last, but not least, there should also be monetization-related things. For example, new customization content could be purchasable with in-game currency or free to take. Special stuff might be pre-purchasable with Robux only and become purchasable with in-game currency after a certain amount of time. This currency can be bought with Robux or earned throughout the game by finishing Achievements or simply by playing the game.

There’s more stuff I haven’t mentioned, but these are a few of the biggest highlights. I’ll add onto it if I missed anything.

Map & Prop Builder

Important Task Highlights

I’ll make sure to fill this in later because this spot is already filled. :slight_smile:

Once you’ve decided, please add me on Discord and DM me or let me know in the replies. Showing me a portfolio of stuff you made over the time is required. Doesn’t have to be all fancy & shiny, but screenshots / gifs or a place to see / test would be great!

Note for when you apply!

  • While this project seems large, we’ve prioritized the most important things for the initial release!

What are my benefits, though?

I’ve been focussing on commissions for quite some time now and when I finish them all I should be able to offer a reasonable price! :smiley:
Nothing is yet set in stone, but I may even be able to pay with USD through Paypal or Robux.

Payment with Robux means 30% will be lost to Market Fee!

On top of that, you’ll get access to special items and other precious stuff in-game for the support.


(I highly recommend to read the stuff above instead!)

We’re looking for a dedicated, enthusiastic, professional and independent scripter & map / prop builder with enough time to help us create a massive roleplaying game called Legend of the Eldritch.

Interested? Contact me with any of the methods below and show me a portfolio made out of screenshots / gifs and/or place(s) to test / see.

Interested in following our journey? Don’t hesitate and …

… Follow Universal Development on Twitter to stay up-to-date about the group!
… Follow Legend of the Eldritch on Twitter to see progress we’ve made so far!
… DM me here, on my professional Twitter or my personal Twitter , add me on Discord (ShapeDemBricksRBX
) or follow to PM me on ROBLOX if you have any further questions and/or concerns.
… Join our UniDev Community Discord channel here!
… Join our Roblox Group!
… Check our public Google Document containing the background lore and more!


Hi guys!
I’ve updated some of the information in the original post.
Please have a look!

Most important highlight:


I 3d model if you need that sort of stuff

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Hello! :slight_smile:

Legend of the Eldritch has changed & improved a whole bunch! We’re definitely on the right track and are currently looking for a Map & Prop Builder!

Read the OP for more information. :smile:

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Hello :smiley:

The original post has been updated a bit for accuracy!

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Hello everyone! :smiley:
It’s been a while since I’ve updated something here, but I really wanted to highlight the change above.

We could really use a scripter who meets the requirements and is able to make the game come true!
I also added another section explaining some tasks that’ll have an important role while you work with us. :slight_smile:

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