[OPEN] Looking for developers to make a prison

About Us :hugs:

Greetings! The group this game will be made for is called Pondview Prison Service and we currently have a little over 400 members, I would get a prison made by community members HOWEVER I want it done right.
Group link - Pondview - Roblox

Development Team :tada:
Please be mindful that there will be a lot of members on the team and you will all get payed based on your part.

ME - Team Manager
@username - Senior Scripter
@vullxs - Scripter
@awsumeguy7000 - Senior Builder
@Smartmonkey10000 - Builder
@Joei2007 - Builder
@ram4c - UI designer
@Neonleon213 - GFX Designer
@username - Animations
@username - Modeler
Senior positions will be based on past experiences.
A small trial period for people without experience. And a member will be removed.

There is no progress YET :slightly_frowning_face:

About The Job :question:

All of these positions do NOT need to be filled to start development, any member of the team can recommend others to hire. If you fail to do the job you will be removed and replaced.

Our deadline is by the end of September and may be extended if development progress is in the right place. :calendar:

Payment :moneybag:

Paid in revenue percents.

Senior Scripter, 20%
Scripter, 13%
Senior Builder, 15%
Builder, 10%
UI Designer, 15%
Modeler, 12%
GFX Designer, Animations and Modeler will be payed based on work
The can be negotiated.
The leftover revenue will go STRICTLY to advertisements.

Only Builders and Scripters get backup payments, backup payments are in Robux.

  • Scripter, 500

  • Senior Scripter, 700

  • Builders, 500
    The can be changed

Contact Us :mailbox_with_mail:

Discord: Jj#2064
You will be added into a development group DM
You are required to be 13+ for this position.
No other forms of communication

Thanks for reading! :call_me_hand:


This is my first post, if I did something wrong please let me know. :grin:

Is it possible to specify on here whether you are paying with PayPal or Robux? That’s something most devs would need to know on the spot before contacting you.

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Paid in commissions but the backup payments are in Robux. Thank you for telling me I will edit the post.

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What does “paid in commissions” mean"? Is it like you pay us for each asset we make or something?

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Revenue percentages, for more info you may DM me @Jj#2064 :smiley:

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Sent a request. 30 characters

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Will there be a form of advertising when the game is finished? I understand that a % of revenue will go toward advertising, but what about in the beginning? You will not get any players unless you advertise first. Will you go in depth on what you’d like in detail? Will there be reference images?


Yes all leftover revenue and payment will be directed towards advertisements, details will be put in DMs, and reference images will be included yes.

You are the team manager but what prevents me from hiring the same devs, doing everything you did and making the game? Are you gonna be the one providing the funds to advertise or sponsor the game?

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Yes indeed I have been waiting for this for a long time, I have everything planned so good luck trying

Hello! I would like to apply for builder, im over 13 and my discord is Matty#0770.
Ive sent a request on discord.

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Hello! I have added you to discord.

Greetings, I have added you to discord!

Not trying, just wanting to know what you contribute to the team.

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Doing the math after u pay the Senior Scripter, Scripter , Senior Builder , 3x Builders , UI Designer u will only have 7% left. How will u manage to get a Modeler, Animator and a GFX designer with 7% ? You don’t mind me saying, but I don’t think it’s okay. Balance the percentages or just kick people. No modeler will work with less than 10-15% , and animator 10%. Nobody will take less.

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That has been sorted out and agreed by the team in a group DM.

I am heavily contributing with my personal money to fund those positions.

You’re giving percentages not your own money

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As said, you are paid in game revenue,