[OPEN] Looking for Developers

Hey, we are Trigema a small up-coming game development group. We focus on making one of the best games on roblox! But we need some Developers.

The Team

@palletenL - Scripter, Lead Developer

@You! - Builder
@You! - UI Designers
@You! - Scripter 2

About The Job

We want to create a FPS Game, for that we need some things:
  • Weapons
  • Gun System
  • Money
  • Cusomizable Character
  • Some maps
  • Database
  • Trading System
  • etc…


We pay in percentage, maybe soon we'll pay in ROBUX.

Scripter - 20%
Builder - 15%
UI Designer - 10%

Contact Me

Any Questions? Feel free to ask me!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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