[OPEN] Looking For Developers

About The Team

Hi there! We are RevDevs Studios, a small upcoming game development group. We’re looking for developers who are willing to join our team and work with us on making games, we want to mainly focus on making basic games that are fun for everyone, and at times some showcases!

The Team
@CouldBeYou - Builder - 20%
@CouldBeYou - Scripter - 20%
@CouldBeYou - UI Design - 20%
@CouldBeYou - Modeller -20%
@CouldBeYou - GFX Design - 10%
@MxtzPlays - Advertising - 10%

About The Job

I’m looking for professional developers to help me make a new game that I think is gonna be very popular and appeal to a lot of people, I’ll explain what it is if you join the team but basically its gonna require a lot of hard work and effort meaning if the game is designed well it will make profit and that profit goes to the team that helped to work on it. (More information if your going to be working on it.)


We are paying in %. We will be sure to pay everyone an equal amount but if you work harder than the others you might get a bonus payment.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or on Discord:
Discord: mxtz#5452
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading we hope to work with you! :slight_smile:

Sorry To Burst Your Bubble. But this Belongs in #collaboration:recruitment

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