[OPEN] Looking for Developers

About Us

Hi! I am Cxany! I am the Co-Owner of Lazy Works. Lazy Works is a development studio filled with talented and creative developers! We are currently looking for more creative and talented developers, too. Here, we take development to another level by putting as much effort as possible into our work & plans.

The Team

@GreatAro - Owner | Game Design

@Cxany - Co - Owner | Developer Manager

@Idiofy3D - Modeler | Developer

@Hex_0517 - Scripter | Developer

@Asjiv - Music composer | Ui designer | Developer Manfer

The Game

Lazy Works is currently working on a game known as, ‘Office Hours’. Office Hours is an immersive multiplayer game that consists of multiple minigames put into rounds! The game will have many unique designs and features along with the game. The game will be somewhat similar to the normal elevator games, but with more twists!

The Job


The job as an animator is to animate assets for our game. You will mostly be animating rigs that are given to you. We encourage you to use Moon Animator or Blender for your animating as those are the highest quality programs that you can use for animating. You will also be asked to rig characters often, too. The animations will have to have a smooth cartoony flow to them. If you are interested, make sure you meet all of the following requirements.

  • Read full document

  • 13+ of age

  • Atleast 6 months of experience with animating

  • Gets along with others

  • Spends atleast 45 minutes on the project daily

  • Has examples of animating

Builder looking for two

The job of the builder is a very difficult job. You will be asked to create assets for our game. This is a very difficult job due to the amount of requests you will get to build. This is why you will need to stay on top of your work and try as hard as you can while working. If you are interested, make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • Read full document

  • 13+ of age

  • Atleast 1 year of experience with building

  • Gets along with others

  • Spends atleast 1.5 hours on the project daily

  • Has examples of building work


Sadly, Lazy Works does not have enough funding to pay the developers in R$ or USD. However, we are opening to pay our developers in percentages. We do realize that percentages is a risky move and we will not be getting as much applicants due to the payment, however it is the only choice that we have. If you do not like the payment, please move on and do not comment about it. If the game flops, we do encourage for you to sell your assets to get some form of revenue.

Animator 10%

Builder 15%


If you are interested, please contact one of us and we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you for reading!



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Super sorry for the repost! Once again, editing glitched and I could not edit the post. There was some important edits I had to make.

I have reported the previous post to be taken down.
Thank you!

Still looking for developers! Feel free to DM one of us if you are interested!

Hello I am the owner of this project just on an alt account if you have any questions post them here or dm one of us on discord.


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I was wondering is the animation going to be in r6 or r15?

We will be using R15. Thanks for asking!

We are still looking for developers you can either dm me or cxany if interested.

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