[OPEN] Looking For Division Directors

About Us

Hi there! I am pinchpotmonster, I am looking to start a new group called Delta Corporation. I also have another group working on a promising game. Although I am starting this group I also have to focus on my other group (I don’t plan on giving up on it any time soon)

The Team
@pinchpotmonster - The Overseer
@rK2T - Security Division Director

About The Job

The game is based off of SCP Just to be clear it’s not an SCP game. I am currently looking for division directors although I don’t have groups set up currently as I need to get more robux I do have a discord server in progress for each of the different divisions. We have multiple divisions set up (too many to list :sweat_smile:)


There is no pay for this position but you will be in charge of the division (Directing it, Maintaining it etc.)

Contact Us

Please DM me on the devforum and I will send more details on the job

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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