[OPEN] Looking for long-term scripter & VFX Modeler



Currently looking for a long term scripter & VFX Modeler for our Naruto Closed Copy, NS2.

We aim to make NS2 a copy that stands out from other copies, even if we don’t have the means to do so right now. We offer a community that creates the lore themselves based off what happened, and theres no set things to follow. We want NS2 to be a game where everyone enjoys, and is for the most part balanced on all ends meaning people with special jutsu’s won’t rule the game and any normal player can stand a chance.

We currently put the group on hold so that we could upgrade the game its a VN2 copy and we want to upgrade it even more than we have, however we lost our past scripter and we’re in need of a new scripter to help us do things such as;

Fixing / Reworking Jutsu’s
Scripting new VFX into pre-existing jutsu’s
Fixing broken // buggy scripts

VFX Artist is going to be doing a good amount of VFX working with our other VFX artist in order to complete a large amount of VFX (Around 60ish total)

Nothing major at the time, just minor details here and there.

Payment will be in Robux, per-task. Payment prices can be negotiated

If you’re interested or have any experience please feel free to contact me on discord at: Mystery#7365

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