[OPEN] Looking for long term scripter/s

Hello, dominik4242 here. I am looking for a scripter or two to help me in creating games for an extremely new group called Irregular Softworks! If you would like to or are interested in making games for a new group from a fresh start, then read on!

At time of writing, I am the only person in this group who is planning on creating something. ai know how to build layouts for maps and detailing them, and in trying to learn to model on blender.

I am only accepting long term scripters, who are willing to make more games if possible. Payments will be in Robux percentages, and they can be negotiated if you feel like they aren’t much (currently I can’t do payouts because low robux :frowning: ).

The more you know about scripting different things, the better. There is no due date for having to work on something, if you’re interested and you’ll be tasked with something then you can have as much time as you need (as long as something will be getting done)

There is also a Discord server for this group, linked here.

I’m also going to hopefully make a Trello board so that everything for the game that will be worked on can be organised well.

If you have any questions about the work or games then you can private message me and we can talk / negotiate about it. :slight_smile:

(first time making a topic like this so it might seem unprofessional)

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