[OPEN] Looking for Realistic Builder

Hey, Im a senior developer for Alex’s Studio.

We are small group named Alex’s Studio, we are making a new realistic battle royale game that needs new realistic Builder!
We already started a little bit the map but we can start over or to make the current “tragic” better.
We also have the concept of the map!

What we are looking for?
A good Builder that is not Low Poly artist, we want realistic roblox terrain map!
That Builder needs to have a lot of roblox terrain experience!
Our map will be medium-big sized and it will be very realistic!

I’m hoping that we can deal out a good percentage of payment for you, as this note that we are a new and small group who doesn’t have that much of robux, thats why we are paying with percentages.

We are looking for people with at least 1-2, 2-3 years of experience, and at least a personal rating of 7-8/10 at the least.

If you are interested then reply below w/ your discord or join our group to contact us through our social medias!

You can ask for more info in Discord!

NOTE: Everyone that will join our team will be forever/long -term! If you want more info about anything be free to ask on discord! Also mine time is GMT+3 so maybe i will not contact you that fast!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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