[OPEN] Looking for Roblox 3D Animators

Hi all,

Firstly have a wonderful day/ night ( idk when you are reading this) and hope you are doing great.

So coming to the topic, I’m looking for a Roblox 3D animator (blender / c4d) who can do r15 animations preferably (r6 is also ok) if you are one of them then comment on this post or reach me in
Twitter : @prave_enYT OR Discord : Praveen!#9781 .

Hoping to order commissions from you or maybe take classes.

If you are from this post, make sure to tell me you are from DevForm so ik it and also show examples while texting me.

Payment can be discussed in DM’s.

Note: i will edit this post once i find anyone so as of now i’m still looking!

Alright Thanks you and Be safe you all.


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