[Open] Looking for team! High pay

About Us

Hello, I am Acrydious, the head of development in our group, We’re a soviet union in the 80s looking forward to make profit and give a good group experience to our future members.

The Team
@TerminalSins - Owner
@Acrydious - Head of development
@Couldbeyou - Building
@Couldbeyou - Building
@Couldbeyou - Scripter
@Could be you - GFX Designer

About The Job

I am looking for an experienced builder that is able to work daily if possible with good communication skills.

Regarding to scripting, I need you to be experienced, confident and used to scripting as this will be most likely the most important part of the game.

GFX will be discussed in DM’s.


The builders could get a max of 8k each as long as they finish their contracts and tasks in their deadlines,
The scripter could get up to 12k and if he exceeds expectations in their work he’d make 15k
The GFX designer would make a max of 2k per piece.

Contact Us

Communications trough discord will be required.
DM me! Acrydious#3923
You have to be older than 13 to apply

Thanks for reading.

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