[OPEN] Looking for team members to join Coloring Simulator Team.(Artist/Modeler/Map Designer/Quest Designer)

Coloring Simulator

About Us

Hello everyone! I have been looking for people to join our Coloring Simulator team!

Available Positions

  • Artist - (0/1)
  • 3D Modeler - (0/1)
  • Map Designer - (0/1)
  • Quest Designer - (0/1)

Link to the game:

About The Job

Coloring Simulator’s development has become too much of a workload for me to do all by myself. I would like some assistance so I am forming a team to help push out updates to keep the game running.

Map Design Examples

Artwork Examples


Details will be provided when you apply.


I will be offering a percentage of game revenue, but if this is an issue it can be discussed.


If you would like to apply, please add me on Discord and we can talk :slight_smile: I will need to see some examples of your previous work.

  • Tybear#3460


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