[OPEN] Looking to build a team for an adventurous multiworld exciting race game with cars

About Us

Hi there! We are AGD Studios (Avant-Garde Distractions Studios although we’re planning to change the name if roblox support agrees to cause i dont like the sound of it)
We make experimental games.
Our main project is a race game called Bloxy Roads.
I started it in 2019 because I thought roblox needed a sort of classic race game. Yknow, just because roblox is filled with games copying each other and trying to cash grab. I wanted to focus on the player experience. Speed and destruction is fun.

The Team
@MSDLF - Creator/ Lead developer
@SparkleTime_Zombie - Lead Builder
— Needed —
@empty - UI GUI and visual effects and artwork.
@empty - Scripter familiar with OOP and optimizing scripts
@empty - Scripter to help the other scripter
@empty - Modeller (bonus if u can build too)
@empty - Builder (bonus if u can model too)

My goal for this team is to have them permanent so we can work on new projects.
And if we need a bigger team we’ll go network some more to bring a good experience.

You can see our progress so far here: Bloxy Roads - Roblox

About The Job

We are looking for developers. Anyone who feels like they can do it. Perfect. If you can’t then don’t come in here because you’ll waste your own time.

Maps look sorta like this atm they're ugly because I solo deved this

How I want the maps to look


We can take our time with this project. I genuinely care about roblox’s community and I want to bring young players a great experience to roblox. I truly believe a game like this will be able to stand out.


5% Permanent pay as long as you’re still in the team. (I don’t get a percentage my goal is to make a good game that’s all)
Monthly rate of your choice.
Budget for this game will be at least 300,000 Robux.
I’m working on other projects so if those projects succeed I’ll be able to use the robux to fund this game better.

Contact Us

Please be 18+ too. Or at least act like an adult and know yourself and respect yourself.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


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