[OPEN] Low poly simulator builder, advanced programmer & UI designer


Hey there! I’m avoidingfans, a known developer on the Roblox platform. I’m a Roblox programmer and have contributed to numerous amounts of well-known games. I am currently looking for a low poly builder and an experienced programmer to help me create a new simulator on the Roblox platform.


@avoidingfans - Project Director/Programmer
@nodoubtzack - Project Director
@couldbeyou - Programmer
@nineteen85 - Builder
@cparem - UI Designer


I’m currently looking for developers to be able to complete this task quickly and efficiently. This is going to be a normal simulator, never done before. I have multiple plans for this job and I need people who will fit the requirements.

Good communication skills is essential to this job. You will need to communicate with us often in order to get more information and how we expect this game to turn out.


I am currently paying in USD. I am not paying in Robux mainly because I have to run ads and sponsor the game.

Programmer - 230 USD
Builder - 200 USD
UI Designer - 80 USD


In order to be in contact with me, you must friend request me on Discord. Please be ready to show me your portfolio with different examples that you have completed.

Discord: avoiding#0001

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