[OPEN] Lows3D -Low Poly 3D Modeler // Environmental Designer | 850mil+ Visits

About Me

Hello, I am 3DBrennan. I am a 3D Generalist and an Environmental Artist. I have nearly 5 years of experience. Contributed to around 20,000,000,000 plays as well 6 figures in sales

I’ve also released my own games, hitting a peak of 10,000 CCU



What software do I use?

Substance Painter/Designer
Rizom UV
D5 Render Engine
Marmoset Toolbag

Current // Past Jobs

Click Here

MiniToon https://twitter.com/DaRealMiniToon
RussoPlays https://www.youtube.com/@russoplaysgames
Scriptbloxian Studios LLC Scriptbloxian Studios - Roblox
Do_Big Games https://twitter.com/do_bigR
Sketch LLC https://www.youtube.com/@Sketchh
Gamefam https://gamefam.com
Training Sim 2💪Training Simulator - Roblox
Clicker Simulator Toya_Studio_ClickerSim - Roblox
Euro Simulators Uzu Games - Roblox
Attack Simulator Attack Simulator Team - Roblox
Interbyte Studios: Interbyte Studio - Roblox
Captain Grumpy Games Captain Grumpy Games - Roblox
Wacky Wizards: Whacky Wizards - Roblox
Small Productions. Small Productions - Roblox

My Work

Low Poly Assets


AAA Quality Assets


Campfire Render



For commissions, $X-$800/asset depending on the asset complexity, and game budget.
For %: 5%-50% depending on my role, and how well the game is doing.

I also take salary-based rates, which are discussed privately.


Timezone: EST
Commissions are always open

Contact Me

Message me on the forum to contact me, email my business email Lows3D.work@gmail.com, or message me via Discord: brennan3d


I have been working alot with Mist. He is a really cool person. His service is 10/10 and hes stuff got so good quality. Keep up the good work Mist.

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Very fast worker, and a talented guy. I recommend his services if you’re looking for a terrain designer, he gets the job done.

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Do you do low-poly?? If so and you’re willing to show me examples i’d love to hear from you! Discord is Poltergeist#0666

Currently have a project of a low-poly fantasy RPG game, 6000x6000 stud map and need a 2nd builder!

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Hey there! Through the Gamejam team made by mmistaken, I saw your response on his post. As being part of it currently, I’m totally shocked at your capabilities and would love your help. There are a lot of roadblocks that would be a lot easier to resolve through discord. If anything, at least give mmistaken a message! (C_lue#4292)

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Yes, I do Low Poly maps! Message me on discord LowDev#8211

This guy is guaranteed to get the job done! As well as a great developer he’s also very nice. 10/10 service, 10/10 builds!

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Updated all the old models, have a look.

This looks so epic, most I like models.

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Thank you so much, means a lot!

Updated portfolio, got rid of old work. Still have some, but it’ll be removed soon.

Best modeller I’ve worked with, definitely recommend!