[OPEN] Map Designer Wanted! [100K R$]

After creating the most visually groundbreaking survival game on ROBLOX, Era Of Terror, We are looking to create a new hit simulator that will break traditional simulator norms and focus on real gameplay. This upcoming game, Laser Champions, has taken inspiration from hit successes such as Ninja Legends or Dragon Ball Z: Final Stand, and aims to blend in the best from both worlds and create something magnificent.


  • The_Aliens (Lead Developer)
  • Im_Faire (GFX/UI Artist)
  • Nanoswamp - Weapon Designer

We are looking for an experienced map/environment designer who is preferably familiar with futuristic urban regions.

If we hire you, we expect you to:

  • Use already-made buildings/assets and create a simple, fun, and intuitive map akin to what you see in games such as Ninja Legends. The map, horizontally, should be ~1500 x 1500 studs or less. More information will be provided on contact.
  • Be prepared to build vertically (rocks in the air that players can double jump to as well as islands in the sky like what you see in games like Ninja Legends).
  • Do not be afraid to give creative input/advice ; use every bit of knowledge you have learned in creating great maps and apply them. We can also request certain buildings/assets to be built by our builders if need be, so do not be afraid to request a commission (at no charge!).
  • Be active and easy to work with.

We are willing to pay 100,000 R$ for a complete map. Payment is negotiable.

We expect a finished product within a month of being hired. You will be given any assets you require for this map to be made.

Discord: Aliens#7024
ROBLOX: The_Aliens


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