[OPEN] Milo's 2D Art Commissions

About Me

Hey! I’m Milo, an artist for over 7 years now. I draw a ton in my free time and now, I would like to open up my commissions. You can use these for whatever you’d like, upon receiving the piece. Just give credit!


Here is an example of my work- my first commission!


I am available for 4-9 hours on the week day, and 6-10 on the weekend. Keep in mind this is the most I can work, but usually I will be online for around 2-6 hours. Some days, schedules can change, but if I have an unexpected event and have to push off the commission, I will let you know right away.


210 R$
Waist Up:
500 R$
Full body:
700 R$

If you’d like to purchase a commission, buy the coordinating T-Shirt on my profile, or pay through group funds. No matter what the method is, please friend request me on Discord first.
I will never go first. Too many scammers are out there. You may request to see the watermarked version, pay me, and then receive the unwatermarked piece, or pay upfront. Either is fine.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord @milo!#0622

Thanks for reading, and I hope you take me in to consideration as your artist.