[OPEN] Modeler & Vector Artist

about us

Hey! We are Smileface! A brand new development studio that is working on creating new and amazing game to push out on the Roblox platform. We take as much time as possible to create the best games with the best effort possible. We truly want to amaze our audience by providing the best content possible.

The Team

@Cxany | Lead Design | UI Design | Developer Manager

@jcnruad900 | Scripter

@ffs | Composer | Head Developer

@Devolas | Builder

@MrFieldThrow | Builder

the game

We are currently making a game known as ‘Breakout’. This game will be an Escape Room based game. Players can play together, buy ingame items, buy gamemodes & rooms and way more features are included in the game. The game is a pretty simple idea, however it will have several other features implemented into the game to make the game enjoyable for everyone.
The game will be designed to where the rooms will be playable multiple times and still be enjoyable. Puzzles won’t be the same, there will be atleast 35 - 50 preset puzzles on each difficulty of a gamemode while only 15 - 20 are selected. Players can go through and play different puzzles to make the experience different each time. Gamemodes also twist up the game, too.

the job


Modelers will have the least tight schedule. For modelers, you will be working in a 3D modeling software to make models for our games. These models will be props, items and more. They all won’t be one theme, this is why you need to almost know how to model anything.

Vector Artist

Vector Artist does NOT mean GFX. Vector art is 2D art. You will be making art for props, notes and more. Some of these assets will be very detailed. That is why we are hiring a very experienced Vector Artist.


Modeler: 10% of Game Revenue
Vector Artist: 5% of Game Revenue

If you happen to be interested in one of these positions, PLEASE DM me on Discord.
If you have any questions, DM me, too.

Discord: cxany#9392
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/XdGch2c
Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/7552915/Smileface-Studios#!/about

Thank you for reading!

- Smileface Studios


You are going to need to raise those percentages if you are wanting to actually get people to work on this. Some upfront pay will also make people a lot more likely to join. Many experienced freelancers are repulsed by percentages, especially when they are that low.

Percentages don’t go higher than 100% you realize?
I can’t just give 30%, the work they will be doing is very little, too.

Then sweeten the pot with some upfront pay. Many people don’t take percentage at all because it’s a gamble and doesn’t have any certainty to it unless the developer has an advertising budget.


Keep in mind that the graphics position is NOT GFX, it is Vector.

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Still offering a position for a modeler!

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