|| Open modeling commissions || My Portfolio ||

Hi, I’m izak and I do 3D modeling using Blender 3D for the roblox studio platform a year ago.

Please see my Portfolio:

(I organized these works, according to the order in which they were made).

Some of my works

Let’s start with something refreshing.
These models I did earlier this year:

Look at these cute and scary little things at the same time. :kissing_closed_eyes:
I think I’m going to build a robot with this scrap all after…
Imagine these things in real life. I was definitely going to hit it all up like crazy:joy:
Imagine soft drinks in the medieval era :rofl:, Just kidding, it’s just potions. :kissing_heart:
Very well, the last one on top pays for a medieval soda. :wink:
(Mountains for a simulator)
Very well, who does not leave a “Like” in my post, will win this gift bullet :smiling_imp: Just kidding! :grimacing:
Who’s sleepy??? :sleeping::sleepy:
Some Things Of Payday 2 0_0
I made that beauty! :wink:

Batman asked me to make an ax for him … :sweat_smile:
Let’s bet a race?
C%20Speeder%20bike STAP%20Speeder
How about a target shooting?
Tell me if this is not cute :heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::relaxed:
What do you think of my robot helper? :robot:

Very well, let’s go to business.

Because of the school, I can work only about 08:00 hours a day.
But on weekends, this changes to 14:00 Hours a day.

I accept payments in real money, via paypal, or the same value in robux for devex.
(If you are going to pay in robux, you should buy a t-shirt with the amount that I charge in my own group).

Product delivered only after payment.

I do not accept percentage.

If you have constructive, or critical comments about my work, feel free to tell me in the comments.

My twitter


My Discord


Thank you! :laughing:


I like your sense of humour in this portfolio, not to forget that the work is also of a good standard throughout the portfolio.

Good luck with finding jobs, you have a good personality! :+1:


May I ask, I’ve seen the scraps before in a post, it looks like it’s not yours. is it or is it not. Aswell as the pets.

Your work looks very good and all images show that you are able to produce high quality work. Keep up the great work and good luck in getting hired.

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Looks good, although I do agree with @Pyrotenics, I feel like I’ve seen them scraps before along with the pets and the bullets. I’m not the type of person to criticise your work but I do have a strong feeling a few items in your portfolio aren’t made by you.

Yea, I have 100% seen those scraps before. I’m not too sure about the pets but the bullets look familiar too. I think that this is like a new portfolio because I remember something exactly like this one, yet without the humerous commentary

Yeah same, good to know I’m not the only person thninking it along with pyrotenics.

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@4sys @AllThingsMilk

Some time ago, I made a post from my portfolio (less than a month)
And I received some suggestions for change and organization and decided to redo the portfolio and made another post.
I would never and never would say that something is mine if it really were not mine.
It’s a matter of principle (and this would be theft)

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Not accusing you bud, just saying I feel like I’ve seen something like this before, yeah I get it. It’s a bullet, most bullets are identical. So I’ll take your word for it and we’ll keep it as that. Good luck on your commissions bud. Didn’t mean to criticise you in anyway.

— Tyler


I understand that you did not want to criticize me, thanks for the sincerity, I do not mind receiving feedback even if they point out my mistakes and tell me what to improve. xD

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exactly what im looking for, nice work brother

About how much would you charge for around 5 guns and 3 tools? I would be paying with robux.

If you are still interested DM me

Your work is amazing. I added you on discord, look forward towards hearing from you soon.


Tell me your nickname in the discord so I can add it xD

Sense of humor makes the portfolio 20x better! Genius! :+1:

What is your pay for a low-poly rifle?

I love how you demonstrate how flexible your LOD is. Awesome work man, looking forward to see more of your stuff in the future!

Your thread is pretty funny and it gives you a more relatable persona, if I need to get any models for what I am working on I’ll contact you!