[OPEN] Multiple long-term devs needed for an ambitious MMORPG

We are Obsidian Interactive, an up-and-coming development team. We are currently working on a tab-targeting MMORPG called World of Altera, with a focus on a massive uninterrupted open world.

We are urgently looking for developers to help us complete this game, preferably ones who are experienced and are willing to work long-term on a daily basis.

Our team

  • Lead Project Manager
  • GFX Artist
  • UI Designer
  • Terrain Designer
  • Builder
  • Project Manager
  • Builder
  • Scripter
  • Scripter
  • Part-time Scripter
  • Builder
csvorii (AKA iqsvyzeh)
  • Builder

What we’re creating

World of Altera seeks to be a one-of-a-kind Roblox MMO with a large uninterrupted world. Instead of splitting the game’s regions into differing places, we plan to split entire continents into separate places. We plan on heavily optimizing this game so that despite its large size, most players will not find it hard to load into.

You can find our game here. When loading in, select “The Old World” to see the map we’ve made the most progress on. Alternatively, you can view the screenshots of what we’ve completed so far below.

Progress so far…

User interface

Our user interface aims to give off the feeling of playing a classic MMORPG. Instead of using solid-colored rectangles with rounded corners, we are aiming to fully texture our interface. Currently, our interface uses assets from a free MMO asset pack, but we plan on completely redesigning it once our game takes off.

Drawn world map

This illustration was made with Inkarnate, an incredibly versatile map-making program. We plan on using a similar artistic rendition of the world map in a map screen on the UI to help players navigate the world.

The Old World full continental terrain

The base this terrain was generated via the use of heightmap and colormap rendering. We estimate the size of this area to be approximately 6600x15000 studs (or about 99 million square studs).

Eldenaria full continental terrain

Just like The Old World, we use heightmap and colormap rendering to create the base of this terrain. We estimate the size of this area to be approximately 6700x14500 studs (or about 97.15 million square studs). Basic work on Eldenaria has not been started yet.

Region: Death Canyon

An arid karst-filled canyon where bandits often wait for unsuspecting passersby.

Region: Viperthorn Jungle

A danger-filled jungle home to hidden temples, tigers, and crocodiles.

Region: Grizzly Pines

A crossroads where many adventurers do battle and quest.

Region: Drygulf Desert

A dry dune-filled desert with an oasis and lots of hidden treasures.

Who we’re hiring

These requirements are suggestions. You do not need to meet all of them, but we will hold preference towards those who meet more of these.

We are currently looking for Scripters and Terrain Designers.

Scripter preferences
  • Adequate experience using Rojo, GitHub, and VSCode to synchronize scripts and assets across multiple places within a single experience.
  • Experience creating custom tool frameworks, inventory frameworks, etc.
  • Experience scripting functional UIs that track data (we will design the UI, you just need to program its functionality).
  • Experience using modules to store large amounts of non-player data such as items, unlockable abilities, and questlines.
  • At least 2 years of programming experience preferred.
  • At least 15+ years of age, or **18+ if you want to be paid with real money.
  • CAN WORK DURING THE DAY IN US EASTERN STANDARD TIME! Your actual location does not matter just as long as your active hours are around about noon to midnight EST.
  • Has at least played an MMORPG before, preferably a tab-targeting one such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, SWTOR, LOTRO, etc.
Terrain Designer preferences
  • At least 1 year of experience working with smooth terrain.
  • Can take a flat area of land and bring it to life with caves, hills, canyons, and more.
  • At least 15+ years of age, or 18+ if you want to be paid with real money.
  • CAN WORK DURING THE DAY IN US EASTERN STANDARD TIME! Your actual location does not matter just as long as your active hours are around about noon to midnight EST.

In the future, we will also need animators (R15), UI designers, game moderators, Discord moderators, and probably even more scripters.

Our game is extremely ambitious, and will require daily activity and progress reports (within reason, of course). You will be compensated for this work. Due to current lack of funds, early developers will also be given a share of all future profits.

When DMing us, please be prepared to show a portfolio.

Contact us

If you have a passion for fantasy medieval RPG games, and you are willing to show daily progress towards completion of our game, PLEASE contact us.

You can contact me directly on Discord at yoshi#1337. Alternatively, you can join our development discord server at Obsidian Interactive. I do not respond to direct messages on the DevForum. Payment will be negotiated in direct messages on Discord.

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