[OPEN] Nedelcu "Gryves" Alexandru - Professional 3D Modelling Services / 2D Design

Salutations, my name is Alexandru, and I’m 17, I like to think that 3D Modelling will be a part of my career and I’m looking to expand my knowledge and skills in digital arts. I have plenty of experience with main-stream developers from which I learned game theory, user experience, and optimization.

I would like to present my services to the public on the facade of the arrival of my portfolio website which can be found below.


I am looking to add more pictures in my gallery, so go ahead and comission me.

Prices can be discussed. Size, style of the map, and number of assets influence this.

I can be contacted using the form on my website or via discord, nedelcu#3139.
I also do not mind devforum messages, but I don’t check on them as often.


Exceptionally good builder and visuals artist. Really recommend commissioning him! :smiley:


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