OPEN - NEW UNIQUE GAME Looking for professional Scripter! (40% income)

BlackBox Studios is almost complete, just need a professional Scripter to join my DREAM TEAM!

I am looking for

  • A professional Scripter who can create: Placement systems, levelling systems, advanced data stores and rockets. (More information in a private message)

good to have traits

  • Passionate about game developing
  • Willing to work full time
  • Great communication and humour
  • Able to attend regular Discord Voice Chat meetings
  • 3Years + Experience in Lua


For now, I will be paying in percentages. 40% of profit will go to the Scripter. I am going for a job application, so when I get it, it will be £30 a month via TSB transfer or PayPal


You can contact me on the Developer Forum or on Discord @ TaylorOnShow#0447

When applying, please provide:

  • A portfolio/resume
  • Current projects (if any)
  • Passion levels of this project

Thanks for reading!


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