(OPEN!) Niskoza Studios is Hiring a Secondary Programmer!


Our team specializes in producing lore games! We are the creators of Bloximinal and the upcoming psychological-adventure game called “Unmerited”. We have a full set of team working everyday to provide content for our games! We wish to expand our community soon!


We are looking to hire a programmer who can work along with our full time programmer, with personal matters having to get in the way, it has slowed our development process quite a lot. That is why we need another programmer to speed up the process! You are going to be working on Unmerited, the game has great progress but is still lacking in many other ways, basically everything is almost finished, it really just needs to be scripted!


Unmerited Official Teaser - YouTube
Unmerited: Spiritside Memorial - YouTube

This is not our full progress with the game, we have a lot going on that the public hasn’t seen yet so we strictly keep most of the game’s information confidential to keep a thrilling experience in the future. By taking this job there are rules you must follow and requirements to have, along with Bonus points!

Systems you must be able to create:


Load Game

  • Hovering over a slot will show a hovering image
  • Clicking on a button makes it bigger and then smaller, giving it the click effect
  • Data is loaded from the data store of player
  • Datastore of the player includes 3 folders for the save slots which include 8 more folders that include game mechanics like player’s inventory, abilities, position, time spent, save file name, and many more.
  • Datastore of player will not save if all save slots have no time data to prevent data loss (can happen if player joined and left immediately or if the player has a very low internet connection causing data store to not load)
  • Slot shows as a dark color if the player doesn’t have data by checking if a slot’s time data is greater than 0
  • Clicking on a save slot will load that data to the player
  • You can rename the saved files
    – Name is checked with Roblox’s text filter system, making the name tags if it is inappropriate
    – Name will not be accepted if it is too long or if it is only a blank name
  • You can delete the saved files

Loading Screen

Loading Screen

  • Loading screen is shown when a save slot is opened
  • All assets will be preloaded, assets loaded text is shown on the bottom right
  • Loading icon will infinitely spin with TweenService
  • Tips are randomly shown in the bottom middle
    – Tips are randomly chosen and will not be chosen again
    – Tips are shown and changed every 5 seconds

Inventory System

Inventory System

  • Pressing R will open/close the inventory
  • Hovering over a slot will show the highlighted image
  • Clicking on a slot will make it selected
  • Not hovering over anything will show the hovering image to the selected slot
  • Pressing E will equip/unequip the selected slot
    – Equipped item will show a green slot
    – Unequipped item will show a red slot
  • Hovered/selected slot will show information about it on the bottom right
  • Inventory saves to player’s data store based on which save slot you chose
  • Item image is shown based on what name value is in the slot

Crafting System

Crafting System

  • Hovering over a slot will show the highlighted image
  • Clicking on a slot will make it selected
  • Not hovering over anything will show the hovering image to the selected slot
  • Pressing X will craft the selected slot
  • Crafting a selected slot will reduce the flower amount by 10
  • Crafting animation will play
  • Potion will be crafted and placed into your inventory

Healing System

Healing System

  • When the potion is equipped, right-clicking will activate the potion
  • Drinking animation will play
  • Potion amount will be reduced by 1 from inventory, if the potion amount is 0 then the potion will be removed from the inventory
  • Effects will play on the screen when the drinking animation is finished
  • Player will be healed



  • Atleast 13 years old
  • A portfolio and proof of all past work created
  • Is up to do a test script for skill testing purposes
  • Must have a discord account
  • Very active and has good time management
  • Hardworking!
  • Friendly attitude and can get along with the members
  • Willing to learn and understand the game
  • Decent experience with roblox LUA programming
  • Respectful and collaborative personality
  • Can manage their work well and is always open to discuss things
  • Patient and understanding
  • Can keep up with deadlines and update us with daily progress

Bonus Points:

  • Can call while working (You are not required to speak)
  • 1 Year experience in the scripting field (The reason for this is our main programmer only has 3 months experience, and well half of that was working for our game)
  • Overall a great person :smiley:
  • Understands the value of time and can give us a clear progress update
  • Making sure the script runs well, avoiding bugs
  • Can do basic animations


  • An objective system (consist of 5-10 Objectives)
  • 5 Puzzle systems
  • Fixing major and minor bugs
  • Adding dialogue/subtitles to the game
  • Overlaying voiceclips with the subtitles
  • Adding working animations as cutscenes to the game
  • Adding sound effects


The payment for this job is negotiable! But our budget set for this position is around 10k R$ (via Group funds) I am happy to discuss with what you’re comfortable with as long as it fits with what we have. We do not offer any other payment methods other than group funds.


We only accept contacts through discord as majority of our team communicates there.

Feel free to add:


If you have any questions or any information you’d like to discuss do not hesitate to communicate with us! We are open to anything and is willing to accept anyone who wants to work for our team!


If you are interested please join our roblox group because of our payment process:


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