[OPEN] Outlanders | Hiring Scripters

The Game

Outlanders, is a post-apocalyptic survival game where players can face the threatening wastelands set in 2068. The game itself is free roam, where you can fight other players, discover cities and scavenge items. There will be loads of exploration, roleplay and fighting, providing a consistent gameplay value, making the experience engaging. This game will contain a lot of game depth and high replay value, making it an exciting experience for all users to play.

About The Job

We are currently a small but well experienced development team, with our project lead being the owner of one of the largest discord community servers, composing of 280k members (discord.gg/daddy). We are looking for a scripter to create a FPS gun system for our survival game, alongside basic core game functions. You will also be used to script in game items and anything personally requested throughout the project.


We are going to pay robux based off of a monthly basis. The amount you receive is based off of effort provided, meaning the more you make is the more you earn.

Contact Us

You can contact Mekel#6244 or The K.#0001 on Discord. You must be 13 or older. Thank you!


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