[OPEN] Pet Store Tycoon - Hiring Programmer


I’ve recently decided to start up a project with @syletts where you can build up a pet store empire. We’ve recently started development and we’re looking for an experienced programmer to join our team. More information below!

About The Job

Players will be able to build up a huge pet store and sell pets to NPCs. They’ll be able to trade their pets, upgrade the storage in their pet store to add room for more pets, and more!

We’re looking for a dedicatied programmer to keep up with our fast-paced development. Do not apply if you do not think you’ll have the time to complete the project; we value great communication and expect daily progress updates (unless something personal comes up). More information will be given upon applying.


Payment will be given in the form of percentage, 20% of game revenue. I plan to invest a vast amount of money into this game therefore quality work is required.


Please contact me on Discord if you are interested:



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