[OPEN] Portfolio about MatoDaily45565

About Me

Hi there! I am a roblox builder and modeller, I also know how to design maps. I do either poly builds or normal builds, depends on what you want!I am 15 years old and I enjoy making games on roblox.


You can view my assets here:


You can contact me anytime but keep in mind that I am GMT+1 and for some people I won’t reply untill it’s morning for me, I can work everyday for how ever time I want to depends on the mood I am but keep in mind I am still going to school so from 7AM to 2PM I am not avaiable.


Prices can be negotiated, I either accept payment per model or whole build. My preffered payment option is robux but we can also do Skrill, Gift Cards


You can contact on me via Discord Mato#7079 or via Roblox MatoDaily45565

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In picture 2 of your assets you don’t have the owner symbol next to your username?

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That is old system I can show you that that is made by me if you don’t belive me

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See look