[OPEN] Portfolio | Clothing Designer For Hire (Reecenalla)

Closed, will be updated soon with more information.


Awesome work! I dig your style of clothing. Keep up that good work as well, I see a bright future!


Just to add, I’ve ordered from him several upon several times. Even though the clothing may be expensive to an extent, it’s definitely worth it! :smiley:

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Anybody want to see more examples? Let me know!

Bare in mind my timezone is GMT, but I’ll eventually get back to you! :rainbow::sparkles:

Greetings! I am very tempted to hire you! This is my current group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/9172984/Grxys#!/about

I know you aren’t very tempted to work with me. But I will open ads soon!
I currently don’t have any group funds, but I pay by each users purchase on a monthly bases. You will get 4 Robux if a user bought your 5 Robux clothing, and I am also accepting T-shirt/ Game pass purchases!